Fully accredited Professional Aromatherapy course.  The course is delivered in 3 6-day sessions, with an additional minimum 500 hours of study time.  The course is spread over a minimum of 9 months to allow sufficient time for case studies and research, and must be completed within 24 months.

Course modules

  • Aromatherapy Therapeutic Massage
  • Aromatherapy in clinical practice
  • Essential oil production & quality
  • Historical and philosophical perspectives
  • Individual essential oils
  • Practical aromatherapy skills
  • Professional practice management
  • Professional self-development
  • Methods of application & blending
  • Research skills
  • Science and safety
  • Anatomy and Pathophysiology

Additional course work

  • Case studies
  • Business studies project
  • Research unit
  • Reflective practice unit

These are part of the compulsory study of the syllabus. In conjunction with the practical and written examinations, they form an integral part of the overall assessment of competence of the student to practice aromatherapy.

Prior accreditation for Anatomy and Pathophysiology

Under certain circumstances the Anatomy and Pathophysiology module can be subject to prior accreditation. If a potential student would like to have prior learning accredited thus avoiding the need to study this module then please prepare a written case plus copies of relevant certificates and submit to the Principal for consideration.

Case Studies

Case studies are evidence of the student’s ability to assess the client’s requirements, plan individual and a course of treatments, choose appropriate blends of essential oils and carriers to use, carry out the treatment, offer appropriate aftercare and homecare advice, and reflect on their learning.

Business Studies Project

The business studies project is to ensure that practitioners understand how to start up and manage a complementary therapy business.

Research Unit

This is to ensure that practitioners are aware of the means available to monitor and audit the efficacy of their treatments and to share their findings with the aromatherapy community.

Reflective Practice Unit

The reflective practice unit is to ensure that practitioners are fully aware of the scope and limitations of their aromatherapy practice. It is designed to help practitioners understand the importance of reviewing the efficiency of their treatments and attending to continuous professional development of their knowledge and skills. It also provides a framework for practitioners to assess how working with clients’ emotional and physiological health in a professional capacity, may affect them and how to take relevant steps to address related issues.

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