Level 3 CPD – 5 days with case study work

This advanced course builds on our introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, allow you to bring advanced NLP skills to your practice.

When you have completed this course you will be able to work with your clients to clarify their fears, ambitions, strengths and beliefs, and help them build effective goals and strategies to work towards them.  You will learn how to combine NLP techniques with your aromatherapy practice in a synergistic way to help your clients manage pain, fear and anxiety.

Case Studies:

1)    A client could not sleep due to severe pain from a degenerative hip. Using a combination of aromatherapy massage and NLP relaxation techniques I facilitate her to visit a time and a place when she had full mobility and no pain.

Continuing with intensive massage using pain killing oil of lavender, anti-inflammatory chamomile, cedarwood for courage and mandarin to stimulate blood flow to the area I repeated the NLP techniques so that the feeling of being pain free and mobile was deeply embedded in the brain.

Pain is as much in the mind as it is physical so the mind can help a lot in overcoming pain.  The next stage was to give the client the tools to enable her to access that pain free, relaxed time when she needed it.

After only three sessions the client reported that when she awoke in agony in the night she could use NLP techniques to overcome the pain.  If she smelt the oils too that  also added to the relief.

2)    A client had recently lost her husband. The funeral was due and as she was the second wife the big extended family of the first wife would be there. They hated her and she felt intimidated and was concerned that she would fall in church or lose control of her emotions and look bad.  The more she worried about falling, the more she worried about losing emotional control the more likely it was to happen.  Using NLP techniques I was able to facilitate a “practice run” in her mind many times over.  By the time the funeral came she could only imagine herself standing tall and firm and proud and indeed that is what happned.

3)    A client has a terrible boss with a bad temper and a bullying  manner.  In his presence she becomes anxious, red in the face and sweats a lot.  When she is anxious she makes mistakes and makes the boss even more angry.   Using aromatherapy massage to facilitate intense and very deep relaxation the client is taught to use NLP technique’s to build a physical and psychological shield around herself so that she feels protected and not effected by the bad temper.  Other NLP techniques are used to help her have the confidence to communicate with her boss and hlp him to behave in a way that  enables her to become more productive.  For the times when a panic attack or anxiety symptoms take over there are a lot of quick and easy NLP tools that can be adopted.  At work the client used a burner with Ylang Ylang for anger, frankincense to encourage focus and grapefruit to detox the atmosphere

4)    A client was having aromatherapy treatments to help with weight loss. Intensive massages using essential oils known for their ability to help contour the body and support the mind in resisting food.  By introducing NLP techniques I was able to double the speed of weight loss.

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